The Former California State Tax Official


" We would recommend the MAF Group for any problem you have with a government agency. We used them for our BOE Audit and Qurterly Tax Filling issues. They will have the contacts you need."

The Queen Mary, Long Beach

" The National Government of the Philippines recognizes and give their appreciation of the MAF Groups goodwill to the people of the Republic of the Philippines."

Philippine  Government


" There is no greater friend to the small company business owner than the MAF group."

Kathleen Cullen, Business Owner, Florida


" I would trust the MAF Group with any matters that face the many companies I control throughout the United States. "

David Saperstein, Founder and CEO  Five S  Capital


" The MAF Group was retained to stop legislation that was not good for business of the bank or consumers. They successfully killed the bill. "

Daniel Roberts, Merchant Bank of California

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